Accountants Reach New Heights with Inner Core Solutions

Heighten Accountants, a rapidly growing London firm, have used Zoho CRM and worked with Inner Core Solutions for over 2 years. ICS helped to configure their CRM to deliver a slick, supported sales process and improve client communications. Here’s their story of how they work together.

Heighten Accountants in North London

Heighten Accountants have 2 offices, in Walthamstow and Palmers Green. Like many such firms, they provide practical accountancy tools to support growth-oriented businesses. What marks them out from their competitors is that they’re very focussed on helping their clients to improve their work/life balance.

As CEO, Nadeem Iqbal put it, “When they first worked with us, many of our 2,000 clients found themselves (or their partners) working weekends just to keep up with invoicing and finances. We help them automate a lot of their finances and get quality time back”.

Where They Needed Help

Heighten Accountants had always used practice management software in their business. However, they could see its limitations as they grew. They knew they needed something to support their marketing and sales activities, and after looking at a range of options, selected Zoho One.

Zoho One gave them Zoho CRM of course, but also access to a range of other solutions within the range. The broad range of business software in the package, plus the competitive cost convinced them.

The ICS Solution

Once they started with Zoho CRM, they realised they needed some Zoho expert assistance. That’s when they called in Manish and the team at Inner Core Solutions. ICS helped them to understand their sales process better. How to add automation to the task of turning leads into clients.

When they’d initially set up, Heighten Accountants grew by referral. But as they continued apace, they needed to generate, then qualify leads. They didn’t know how best to do this. ICS helped them develop their own way.

‘I Feel More in Control Now’

The CRM solution is now central to their business. They have tried and tested sales processes that fuel growth. The terminology of the CRM was adapted to their own work-language, to ensure team members were comfortable. Also, the associated flow charts have proven to be a great aid in training new staff. All-in-all ICS helped Heighten to save a time and cost throughout their growing business.

Nadeem says, “I feel more in control now. I’m pleased to have grown my business with Manish and his team. They never say no and always solve our problems.”

Heighten Accountants continue to work with ICS, through an ongoing support plan that continues to deliver great value to them. Their next project will be to start using Zoho Desk to further enhance customer service.



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