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Marketing Automation Transforms Business

Marketing automation is a great way to free up resources in your business, take away the mundane, repetitive aspects of marketing and boost lead generation and customer acquisition. By releasing them from the tedious, your marketing team can use the time they gain to get to understand customers better and produce more effective campaigns.

In this post, we’ll look at the types of problem that you can solve with marketing automations and how Inner Core Solutions can help you through this. But first, let’s consider what marketing automation is all about.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses software to automate the more monotonous marketing work. The stuff that marketing managers hate, such as the processes underpinning email campaigns, social media posting, and even some aspects of ad campaigns. We don’t just look at this from the perspective of efficiency. We can also provide a more personalised and effective experience for your customers, to drive revenues and the bottom line.

It allows you to nurture leads with personalised, useful content that helps convert prospects to paying customers. And then customers to brand advocates.


How Do I Know I Need It?

It all comes down to how close you are to your marketing and lead generation activities. For example, can you identify, track and engage with specific prospects and customers online? At any time? Do you have rules in place for dealing with web enquiries that all team members follow? Do you routinely measure the effectiveness, cost and revenue generated by each of your marketing campaigns? And can you compare campaigns quickly?

With marketing automation, all of this is not only possible, but it’s straightforward to set up. We can help you get your messaging out through workflows, lead nurturing (and scoring), email campaigns, social media and advertising. We also help to configure the Zoho Marketing Automation app, of course.

The ICS Solution

We’re Zoho experts, our powerful customisations increase marketing effectiveness through automation. We’ll help you to improve lead generation and the solid follow up processes we implement shorten time-consuming tasks – improving profitability along the way.

We know no software alone can resolve a process issue, so we’ll learn what the specific needs of your business are. We’ll turn that knowledge into a workable, unique customisation of Zoho that delivers value from the start. Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are the solutions we devise for clients. Everything’s bespoke to your needs.

Contact us for more information about marketing automation and to set up a detailed discussion of your needs.



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