We Help Clients to Grow their Business and Profits through Systems, Automation and Data Visibility.



We’re Zoho One experts. Always up to date with Zoho developments, Inner Core Solutions provide the best client advice and support.


We work with you to customise and optimise Zoho for your business requirements. We complete tasks on time and within budget. Great value for money.


We go the extra mile to ensure we understand your needs, so we can offer quick, creative solutions that really work for you.


A small, energetic band of Zoho experts, Inner Core Solutions are dedicated to service. Born out of a passion for business process automation, we’re wholly focussed on the Zoho One suite of products.

Whichever Zoho app you use, we can optimise it to help you derive the most value from it. Our Zoho implementations have a 100% success rate.

If you’re considering a CRM solution, or need help getting going with a new Zoho service, get in touch with ICS for the best Zoho expert advice.


An entrepreneur from the UK, Manish possesses an unrivalled passion for process optimisation and automation.

A personal user of Zoho since 2011, he has recommended it to friends and clients for years. As a result, he started to receive requests to help these contacts make the most of the Zoho platform.

Owing to the volume of requests and his passion for the platform, he built a team around him and dedicated more and more time to helping Zoho users. Inner Core Solutions was born in 2013. They became Authorized Partners in 2018 and Certified Developer Associates in 2020. They now help many Zoho users to set up, manage and maximise the value of their Zoho Platforms.

Zoho is a powerful platform. If you don’t have the technical background, time to manage it or keep up with new updates, then with our Zohification  process, we can help you. That’s what ICS is about.

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