Zoho CRM Training Course - Seize the Initiative!

Ever feel that you’re feeding data into the CRM machine but getting little back?

Don’t worry. We can help. Sometimes you just need to know what’s possible, before you benefit. ICS will teach you how to SAVE TIME and focus on the most valuable opportunities, to put you back in charge.

And these are the things that seldom get covered by initial training alone.

If you’ve used Zoho CRM for a while, but want it to work harder for you, you need this course. Book onto our 4-hour Zoho CRM Masterclass for salespeople, now.


jan + feb dates 2023 | 13.00 to 17:00 | zoho crm training masterclass | small class online training course

Zoho CRM Masterclass Details

Who’ll get the most from this Masterclass?
  • Sales professionals that have used Zoho CRM for 6 months, at least. 
  • Sales managers wanting to help their teams get more value from the CRM.
  • Other non-technical users, maybe from marketing, customer service, customer success, …
Who’s it NOT intended for?
  • CRM administrators or super-users.
  • CRM developers.
  • Users that are new to Zoho CRM.
What’ll be learned?
  • Practical knowledge on how to use the most important features in Zoho CRM for your role.
  • Using the CRM to create a mailing list and email multiple contacts.
  • How to view groups of contacts based on their profile.
  • How to see and set up calls for clients that have not responded for a while.
What’s the training format?
  • Training will be delivered in small groups of up to 6 people, so everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the group.
  • It’ll be hands-on, with interactive exercises to build practical knowledge.
  • You will be given login and password access to a training system student account (we won’t use your live versions!)
  • IMPORTANT: we may cover features that your company restricts, although we always aim to focus on typical needs and access.
When is it?

Wednesday 11th January, 2023 at 1pm.


Wednesday 15th February, 2023 at 1pm.

What’s the cost?

Only £375 +VAT, to learn how to create your own labour-saving CRM hacks.

3 Reasons to Book Now

  1. You’ll get hands-on experience of setting up time-saving ways to use the CRM.
  2. Make the data and the CRM work for you to improve your sales values and delivery.
  3. Only £375 +VAT plus a rapid return on that investment in time saving and value created.

Seize the Initiative - Reserve Your Place

Book your place on this Masterclass now. Firstly, choose your preferred date, via the red or blue button below.

Then, enter your details on the form that appears on screen. Once complete, select ‘Continue’.

That takes you to a secure page where you can enter your bank card details. Once payment is made, you’ll receive emailed confirmation of your place on the course and a VAT receipt for your records.

Joining instructions will be sent out to you within one working day of receipt of payment.

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