Zoho Notebook and Zoho Annotator

Take Note: You'll Need These Tools in 2021

We’re halfway through the year now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to become organised; after all, it’s a skill that develops over time.

To help you get there quicker, we wanted to suggest two applications from the Zoho CRM system that will help aid you in your mission for total organisation. 

Zoho Notebook

First up is Zoho Notebook. 
Similar to Evernote, Zoho Notebook is a multi-platform app that allows for a range of tools: 
  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Files
  • Sketch
  • And more… 
Zoho Notebook was created with everyone in mind. 
For example, if you want to take notes, but prefer to use photos as reference, then you can snap and upload a photo to the Zoho Notebook app; if you’re more of an audio learner, then you can also record and upload audio instead. 
Beyond these features, Zoho Notebook also tackles the fundamentals of a note taking app with succinct skill. Within the app, there’s also a checklist feature, an innovative text card, and also the ability to turn each note into a Smart Card. 
Organisation has never had so many features, which is what makes Zoho Notebook stand out so effortlessly from the crowd.
If you’re interested in reading further about Zoho Notebook, then follow this link. But keep in mind, once you download this ad-free app, you’ll never want to put it down. 

Zoho Annotator 

If you’re more of a pen and paper type of person, then Zoho Notebook may not be for you. In that case, perhaps it’s time we introduce you to Zoho Annotator. 

A separate app from Zoho Notebook, Zoho Annotator stands on its own two feet independently and proudly. With this browser plugin, you can capture, annotate, and share webpages without leaving your browser. 

Making the experience quick, clean, and efficient. 

After you’ve captured and annotated the specific webpage, share it with your team, upload it to the Cloud Drive, download it, or obtain a link of the webpage.


The final perk of the Zoho Annotator is that you can download it for free, all as a browser plugin. 

If you want to explore Zoho Annotator in more detail, then click here. Once you understand what the Zoho Annotator can do for you, you’ll realise that it’s going to save you time, hassle, and give you the space to collaborate with your team with ease. 
Zoho are always creating hacks with their users in mind, so if these don’t work for you (we’d be shocked if they don’t, but it happens), then keep a look out for our next ICS blog post. 



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