New Changes to Impact Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is to get 3 important enhancements from 26 July 2023. Here’s a heads-up of what to expect:

  • New, streamlined integration capabilities.
  • Changes to roles and privileges.
  • Workspaces – a new feature for Professional-level accounts (including those accessing via Zoho One).


These updates are being phased in, and users will have some control over when exactly things change. So, transitions should be smooth. Before you implement anything, we recommend you read this overview and check out more detail from Zoho themselves.

Zoho Campaigns' Enhancements to Integration

i ) What happens now?

Right now, any user within an account can create a sync between Zoho Campaigns and other apps. This can create confusion as different people can create syncs for the same contacts, for example. Even though duplicate contacts will be ignored in the current setup, there is scope for error.

ii) The Changes

Moving forward, all integrations will be moved to the organisation level. Only the admin of your Zoho Campaigns account (and the other application to be integrated) will have the authority to perform integrations and syncs. Each integration will be limited to one sync only.

iii) Benefits

This simplifies the whole process of integration between apps, as it centralises responsibility at the admin level. It also moves towards the objective of seamless data sharing between apps.

Rather than bringing in multiple lists, a single sync, with multiple segments, means that, for example, data is shared effortlessly between the CRM and Zoho Campaigns. The whole process becomes cleaner, simpler and more consistent.

Starting on July 26, 2023, when you access the Integrations page within the product, you’ll encounter a warning message indicating that migration is required. By clicking on this message and selecting Migrate Now, you can initiate the migration process.

You’ll be presented with information to review. Once done, click Proceed to continue. For the next step, select an existing organization account to set up the sync. This is similar to how you’ve been initiating syncs in the existing version of Zoho Campaigns.

Existing syncs won’t be lost. They’ll work normally until you initiate the migration. They’ll then stay active until July 2024, when they’ll be deprecated, giving you plenty of time to make the new way work. This work will be best left to account administrators.

Zoho provide illustrations of how to integrate Zoho Meeting, Zoho Backstage, Eventbrite, GoToMeeting and Google Analytics in their briefing.


New Roles and Privileges in Zoho Campaigns

Roles and privileges are assigned to users in an organisation to control their account access.

i ) What happens now?

Currently Zoho Campaigns offers 2 roles: Standard Admin and Standard User. There are also 2 levels of data access: self and others.

Users can create custom roles, too.

ii) The Changes

Zoho Campaigns is moving to 4 default roles: Admin, Manager, Editor, and Viewer. If you’ve already created additional roles in your account, those will be migrated to the new setup.

In addition, Admins will still be able to create new roles and make changes to their privileges. Please note that default roles are not editable.

iii) Benefits

Under the current setup, Admins cannot have full control. For example, a user with the Self privilege will be able to create sender addresses and custom fields and these cannot be deleted by the Admin. The new setup focusses control back to Admins.

This helps with security and privacy concerns and provides more flexibility.


Introducing Workspaces to Zoho Campaigns

Workspaces are a new feature for Professional-level accounts (including those accessing via Zoho One).

i ) What happens now?

All users of Zoho Campaigns can see all data, but for many organisations, this means that they’re getting access to content that’s not role-appropriate. This can cause confusion and error.

ii) The Changes

A workspace is a separate space within Zoho Campaigns to create and organise campaigns and workflows. It enables Admins to create multiple spaces within a single account. These can each can be accessed by multiple individuals. Admins have the authority to determine who can access each workspace based on the specific needs of the business.

Workspaces may be product-based, for example, so brand or product managers see only data relating to their brands. Also, they may be sector-specific, if you sell into different markets. Or country-specific, etc etc.

If you’re an admin and would like to set up workspaces for your account, navigate to Settings > Users and Controls > Workspace.

iii) Benefits

The benefits of introducing Workspaces include improved security, data privacy and control. And they’ll reduce the risk of error. Users can have one role in one workspace, and a different one in another. And Admins have better control.

As ever, Zoho produce a timeline of updates, as they happen. The one for Zoho Campaigns can be found at:

Please don’t hesitate to contact Inner Core Solutions for support, advice and training on all things Zoho. We’re Zoho experts and have plans to suit the varying needs of all businesses.



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