Zohification … 


Are you saying you’ve never heard of it before? 
Of course, you haven’t! We like to think we’re pretty special at Inner Core Solutions. And we work in special ways. So, we had to create a new word to describe our methods.
What sets us apart is the way that we mould the Zoho system to your requirements, not the other way round.  
Zohification means: Unique, Customer-Centric Methodology to Adapt Zoho to Your Commercial Needs
As you can tell, we’re pretty Zoho-mad, and if you tried it then you’d understand why should use it in your business too. 
Of course, we aren’t the only ones who help to implement the Zoho system into businesses and brands. However, we are the only ones that we know of that do by following these basic principles in the way we do; and they’re principles with you top of mind.

Zohification and the Zoho Experts

While this may seem self-indulgent, it’s worth saying because it’s true. Inner Core Solutions is a company that knows all about the Zoho system. 

We’re Zoho and Zoho only. Our team live and breathe Zoho. We know the tips and tricks that you need, we know how to organise and help you prioritise with ease. Also, we know how the Zoho system can be used with you in mind. 

We offer a truly personalised system, and that’s something you don’t find just anywhere.

Rapid Response, Rapid Results

When we first work together, there will be a briefing process where you tell us what you want. We’ll ask lots of questions, to try and get into as much detail as we can. And then we deliver. 

After we’ve established what you want, then we can explore what you need. A Zoho system you may not be familiar with or the tips and tricks that will make your working life easier; we’ll introduce you to the ways of Zohification. 

We’re always going above and beyond to uncover the best systems that work for you. 

And we do so in a way that is organised, profitable, and quick. That’s Zohification for you.

Piggybank Conscious 

Ultimately, we’ve got you in mind — and as such, we’re also careful with your finances. 
If you go with Inner Core Solutions, we’re only going to recommend the Zoho systems we know you need and the ones we know you can afford. We’ll never risk putting you into financial difficulty because of our need to ‘make a sale’, we’ll only ever suggest solutions that we truly believe will make you more money, save you time, and give you a promising future. It’s the Zoho way. 
Don’t forget, it’s one of the core pillars of who we are. And our pillars are based on the needs and care of our customers. With Inner Core Solutions, you remain our number one priority.
And that’s why you should get in contact with us today. Welcome to the world of Zohification!



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