Evergreen Lead Nurturing Sequences


This is an excerpt from a CRM MasterClass by Manish from Inner Core Solutions. Evergreen Lead Nurturing Sequences are a smart way to mage leads by setting up automatic (and dynamic) email sequences that keep them warm and feed relevant information to them. This is an excellent follow-up to the video excerpt from the same […]

The Importance of the Lead Source Field in Zoho CRM


This is an excerpt from a CRM MasterClass, run in June 2023. Manish explained how to unlock the power of leads in the CRM. This element, The Importance of the LEAD SOURCE Field is integral to the whole MasterClass. It applies to ANY business. A useful prequel to the Evergreen Lead Nurturing explainer video, also […]

Email Integration

email integration zoho crm

Email Integration Between Zoho CRM and Your Email Client Manish, the Zoho CRM Expert from Inner Core Solutions, shows how to ensure emails that you exchange with clients and prospects appear automatically in the CRM. All colleagues then see what’s happening between your company and the client/prospect. Also how to set up an email signature.

Email Domain Authentication

Manish, the Zoho CRM Expert from Inner Core Solutions, shows how to ensure emails coming from your CRM don’t get mis-identified as spam. Email domain authentication is a quick, 3-step process. https://youtu.be/DkLMeryL4zY See also our blog of the same name, Email Domain Authentication. And further guidance from Zoho.

Home Page Configuration for Zoho CRM


Manish Unadkat, the Zoho Expert, shows you how to configure and personalise your Zoho CRM home page and dashboard. Video is 3m 30s. https://youtu.be/EWQ2h_cD6-4

Lead Nurturing


Join Manish in exploring what’s needed to nurture leads effectively using Zoho CRM. Useful guidance and can be read in conjunction with a blog post on the same subject for more detail. https://youtu.be/2ZztaRx_rlk

The Sales Machine


https://youtu.be/HCLT9d5buAo 4-minute explainer interview with Manish Unadkat. He explains the Sales Machine offer, what it entails and why businesses using Zoho CRM should implement it. See the video also at our Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/HCLT9d5buAo  Read more at: https://innercoresolutions.co.uk/zoho/sales-machine/

No-Task Follow-Up System for Users of Zoho CRM


https://youtu.be/qh4DCjOP7lo 4 minute 29 second video explainer, based on the Inner Core Solutions blog post, The No Task Follow-Up System. ICS founder Manish Unadkat shows you how to set up this innovative process within Zoho CRM. It’s designed to help you manage more leads and convert more to business, with the minimum of fuss and […]

Masterclass – Essential Systems to Run a profitable business


https://youtu.be/BtgN_-pUTkc The essential systems to run a profitable business. As ever, check back with the wonderful support team at Inner Core Solutions, to understand how we can best get this working for you and your business. Go on, contact us now!

I’ve Converted a Lead. Is it Possible to Reverse the Conversion?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwWoFSuAm7c&t=42s Check out this video! It’s all about converting leads to accounts in Zoho CRM. This is really useful user training. As such, it answers a question that many people ask about lead management in Zoho CRM. To find out the answer to the question, play the video! As ever, check back with the wonderful […]

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