Manish at Zoho Inspire 24, Valencia 11-12 April

Zoho Inspire 24, in Valencia, Spain is a major partner event for Zoho. Our founder and Zoho Expert, Manish Unadkat was delighted to be invited and took the opportunity to attend. At the time of writing, the event is still on, so this is an early update of proceedings from day 1. Firstly,  Zoho is […]

Heads-Up! New CRM Feature Coming Soon: Kiosk.

Kiosk is due to be launched in early 2024 by Zoho CRM (exact date TBD). Inner Core Solutions have early access to it, and it looks great! What is Kiosk? It’s low-code Process Flows to help your users through otherwise complex or repetitive routines. What’s more, it’s designed to be easy to implement in-house, so […]

Sales Funnel Management with Zoho CRM


Managing sales funnels efficiently with Zoho CRM involves a structured approach to harness its features optimally. Sales Funnels and Pipelines: Not Just for Plumbers! Firstly, customise your pipeline stages to mirror your sales process, from prospecting to closure. Utilise Zoho’s drag-and-drop interface to easily move leads through stages, ensuring clarity on where each prospect stands. […]

What’s New with Zoho – Autumn 2023


Those diligent elves at Zoho have been busy putting more and more features into Zoho CRM, and the other apps in Zoho One, of course.

Just in time for Christmas!

Email Authentication in Zoho CRM: Ensuring Deliverability and Security

authenticate your email domain

Email authentication is a crucial aspect of email marketing and communication, as it not only ensures deliverability but also protects against spam and phishing attacks. In Zoho CRM, you can authenticate your email domain to improve email deliverability and protect your brand’s reputation. Why Authenticate Your Email Domain in Zoho CRM? Email authentication involves validating […]

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