Recording Choices Available in WorkDrive


Did you know about all the recording options now available within Zoho WorkDrive? Well, now you can now record screens, video, or just audio, right from within the WorkDrive app. Save the files and you can and share them with colleagues, customers, etc. You can even record offline, although (obviously) you need to be online […]

Welcome to Zoho Meeting’s Interactive Webinar User Interface


Try saying that title over and over again without slipping up … either way, Zoho Meeting’s new feature leaves an impact. Zoho Meeting is the only video meeting platform you’ll need. No more switching between multiple applications or typical note-taking, Zoho’s new interactive webinar user interface allows for seamless productivity and organisation. The Perks of […]

The Top Zoho CRM Video Tips


There are various Zoho CRM video tips out there that you can use, however, our resident Zoho expert knows more than most. We’ve covered a few in blog posts in the past, such as using the Canvas Design Studio. Here are a couple more of Manish’s top tips, as told by him through Loom. The […]

Use Zoho to Video Call from Outlook


It’s not a working day in lockdown if you don’t have a Zoom meeting, but Zoho are here to mix that up.  You read that correctly, Zoho is coming for Zoom’s crown and now offers an online meeting option available from Microsoft Outlook.  Here’s everything you need to know about this great new development. Zoho […]

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