Sales Funnel Management with Zoho CRM


Managing sales funnels efficiently with Zoho CRM involves a structured approach to harness its features optimally. Sales Funnels and Pipelines: Not Just for Plumbers! Firstly, customise your pipeline stages to mirror your sales process, from prospecting to closure. Utilise Zoho’s drag-and-drop interface to easily move leads through stages, ensuring clarity on where each prospect stands. […]

New Changes to Impact Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is to get 3 important enhancements from 26 July 2023. Here’s a heads-up of what to expect: New, streamlined integration capabilities. Changes to roles and privileges. Workspaces – a new feature for Professional-level accounts (including those accessing via Zoho One).   These updates are being phased in, and users will have some control […]

Email Authentication in Zoho CRM: Ensuring Deliverability and Security

authenticate your email domain

Email authentication is a crucial aspect of email marketing and communication, as it not only ensures deliverability but also protects against spam and phishing attacks. In Zoho CRM, you can authenticate your email domain to improve email deliverability and protect your brand’s reputation. Why Authenticate Your Email Domain in Zoho CRM? Email authentication involves validating […]

Top 5 tips to save time with Zoho CRM


 First published in December 2020, this post has been updated with revised content in September 2022.  Tip 1: Using Macros to Save Time with Zoho CRM Firstly, you can make sure you save time with Zoho CRM, by using Macros. Macros are a string of actions that will carry out a set of instructions to make […]

The No-Task Follow-Up System


The no-task follow up system is something we’ve created at Inner Core Solutions to make your life easier. And your salespeople’s lives, too. We all know that the timely following up of leads and prospects will help you to close more sales. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, why do we need a ‘process’  for what’s […]

Sales Automation for Revenue Growth


Sales Automation Moves Revenues Up a Gear by Freeing Up Resources. It Helps You to Focus on the Best Leads. Use ICS and Zoho to Sharpen Your Sales Approach.

What Do We Mean by Sales Optimisation?


Sales optimisation is something we talk about a lot, at Inner Core Solutions. It’s an important facet of our Sales Machine offer and really should be something that all marketing and sales teams focus on more. So before getting into what to do, let’s look at what sales optimisation is, and why it’s important for […]

Growing Business Needs a Scalable CRM


Having a business grow and flourish is all that many entrepreneurs could ever wish for. But the reality of that includes hard work, transition, and upgrade. One such function you may want to explore is your CRM system. Zoho, the Scalable CRM Zoho’s scalable CRM is designed to take away the pressure and hassle of […]

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