Top 5 tips to save time with Zoho CRM


 First published in December 2020, this post has been updated with revised content in September 2022.  Tip 1: Using Macros to Save Time with Zoho CRM Firstly, you can make sure you save time with Zoho CRM, by using Macros. Macros are a string of actions that will carry out a set of instructions to make […]

The No-Task Follow-Up System


The no-task follow up system is something we’ve created at Inner Core Solutions to make your life easier. And your salespeople’s lives, too. We all know that the timely following up of leads and prospects will help you to close more sales. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, why do we need a ‘process’  for what’s […]

Zoho Notebook and Zoho Annotator


If you’re looking to organise your workday, then look to Zoho Notebook and Zoho Annotator; the ultimate note-taker and a next-level web page editor.

Our Favourite Five Zoho CRM Tips

favourite 5 zoho crm tips

So, here’s our favourite 5 Zoho CRM tips. One of the best features of the Zoho system is that there are many little Zoho CRM tips that often get lost or go unnoticed. But today, we’re here to drag those tips into the spotlight. 1. International Timing Working internationally always comes with a level of […]

Welcome to The Canvas Design Studio: Here’s What It Can Do For You


Canvas Design Studio has been launched to help you stand out in the world of business. We know it’s important that you make an impact across all aspects of your business. For those of you who don’t know, the Canvas Design Studio is a design garage that essentially allows the user to reimagine their Zoho CRM […]

Use Zoho to Video Call from Outlook


It’s not a working day in lockdown if you don’t have a Zoom meeting, but Zoho are here to mix that up.  You read that correctly, Zoho is coming for Zoom’s crown and now offers an online meeting option available from Microsoft Outlook.  Here’s everything you need to know about this great new development. Zoho […]

How to Make More Sales in Your Team with Zoho


Make More Sales Is your team struggling to make more sales and hit those targets? Or perhaps the general feel of the environment has taken a recent nosedive and you want to find a way to lift employees’ spirits?  Well, we’ve got good news for you!  Zoho have developed an inbuilt CRM feature called Gamescope with […]

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