Sales Funnel Management with Zoho CRM


Managing sales funnels efficiently with Zoho CRM involves a structured approach to harness its features optimally. Sales Funnels and Pipelines: Not Just for Plumbers! Firstly, customise your pipeline stages to mirror your sales process, from prospecting to closure. Utilise Zoho’s drag-and-drop interface to easily move leads through stages, ensuring clarity on where each prospect stands. […]

Are You Qualified?


Whatever your business, sales success depends on converting sales leads into paying customers. We all know that not all leads will turn into business. So, we invest in generating more leads than we need. And when your sales team have plenty of leads, you need to help them prioritise. To do this we try to […]

The No-Task Follow-Up System


The no-task follow up system is something we’ve created at Inner Core Solutions to make your life easier. And your salespeople’s lives, too. We all know that the timely following up of leads and prospects will help you to close more sales. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, why do we need a ‘process’  for what’s […]

Lead Nurturing Automation


Lead nurturing is a great way to improve your conversion rates and to focus your efforts and time on those leads with the greatest potential. Last month, we looked at the benefits of automating sales and marketing processes. Lead nurturing was introduced briefly in the latter, ‘Marketing Automation Transforms Businesses’. Several readers asked about how […]

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