Heads-Up! New CRM Feature Coming Soon: Kiosk.

Kiosk is due to be launched in early 2024 by Zoho CRM (exact date TBD). Inner Core Solutions have early access to it, and it looks great! What is Kiosk? It’s low-code Process Flows to help your users through otherwise complex or repetitive routines. What’s more, it’s designed to be easy to implement in-house, so […]

What’s New with Zoho – Autumn 2023


Those diligent elves at Zoho have been busy putting more and more features into Zoho CRM, and the other apps in Zoho One, of course.

Just in time for Christmas!

How to Use ChatGPT in Zoho Writer

Ever since ChatGPT made large language model, generative AI accessible, the chaps at Zoho have been inundated with requests to integrate it with Zoho. Well, they’ve delivered. Now, we’re happy to announce the ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer. With this integration, no matter what you write—a blog post, product description, social media post, or an […]

The Value of AI in Blog Post Writing


This post was written with the assistance of ChatGPT, as accessed via Zoho Writer within Zoho WorkDrive. It’s a paid-for service, available as an optional extension. To see how to do this, check our other post on the subject: ‘How to Use ChatGPT in Zoho Writer‘. As the world becomes more digitised, AI is making […]

Latest Updates from Zoho


As ever, the Zoho conveyor belt brings us more and more features, updates and improvements across their range of apps. Here’s our take on some of them, each with links to further explanations. What’s New in Zoho Analytics? A potentially very useful new feature for Analytics is a new data type, called duration. This was […]

Latest Updates


Here are a selection of the latest updates from ZOHO CRM. All neatly packaged in a handy little blog from the experts at ICS…

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