What’s New with Zoho – Autumn 2023


Those diligent elves at Zoho have been busy putting more and more features into Zoho CRM, and the other apps in Zoho One, of course.

Just in time for Christmas!

More Enhancements from Zoho


More enhancements from Zoho to Zoho CRM and other apps in the Zoho One range. Here are the latest updates: Zoho CRM Enhancements You can now attach videos and folders to CRM records, which is really handy if you use video messages with customers or need to see their output when using the CRM. Migration […]

Latest Updates from Zoho


As ever, the Zoho conveyor belt brings us more and more features, updates and improvements across their range of apps. Here’s our take on some of them, each with links to further explanations. What’s New in Zoho Analytics? A potentially very useful new feature for Analytics is a new data type, called duration. This was […]

Feature Finder Enhances Zoho Sheet

Feature Finder is a new innovation that raises the bar massively for users of Sheet, the spreadsheet app from Zoho. It’s new, different and will save you a lot of time. We all rely upon spreadsheets to store masses of data nowadays. They help us to analyse, calculate, report and revise almost all data types. […]

Top 5 tips to save time with Zoho CRM


 First published in December 2020, this post has been updated with revised content in September 2022.  Tip 1: Using Macros to Save Time with Zoho CRM Firstly, you can make sure you save time with Zoho CRM, by using Macros. Macros are a string of actions that will carry out a set of instructions to make […]

Zoho Notebook and Zoho Annotator


If you’re looking to organise your workday, then look to Zoho Notebook and Zoho Annotator; the ultimate note-taker and a next-level web page editor.

Our Favourite Five Zoho CRM Tips

favourite 5 zoho crm tips

So, here’s our favourite 5 Zoho CRM tips. One of the best features of the Zoho system is that there are many little Zoho CRM tips that often get lost or go unnoticed. But today, we’re here to drag those tips into the spotlight. 1. International Timing Working internationally always comes with a level of […]

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