Here’s Something Your CRM WON’T Do!

… and How to Fix It

We’re all so bowled over by the things we can do with Zoho CRM, it seems strange to think that there might something your CRM won’t do. But there are limitations and here’s one we see quite a lot. Some business owners and managers seem to think you can resolve process problems with the CRM. You can’t. It needs quality input.

Process Problems can be Amplified by the CRM

Your CRM is great for automating processes that already work, or that have been professionally designed. But if your process has a flaw, don’t try to automate it. It’ll only make things worse.

Consider businesses being run from spreadsheets. If you find them confusing, then simply plugging them into a CRM will only exacerbate your problem.

We see many business that treat their CRMs as glorified spreadsheets, because that’s all they know. Our approach is to start again with the processes, look at what you’re trying to achieve and then re-design them with you.

And Here’s the Fix

The solution is to define a clear process then. But don’t just pass the problem over to the techies. This is a specialised activity. Either put a good, cross functional team together in-house to manage this, or use a consultant. The latter approach can be achieved by working with Inner Core Solutions.

We’re a Zoho CRM specialist business with business process management expertise as well the developer skills. Discovery meetings with ICS involve a sales and marketing specialist, a BPM specialist, Zoho knowledge and, of course, the client’s key stakeholders.

Put together we make beautiful processes that the developers can turn into fully functional automation, bespoke to your needs. Check out this example of a process map we developed.

It’s all about turning your ‘glorified spreadsheet’ into a Sales Machine!

Contact ICS without delay to find out more about fixing that ‘something your CRM won’t do’.




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