What Do We Mean by Sales Optimisation?

Sales optimisation is something we talk about a lot, at Inner Core Solutions. It’s an important facet of our Sales Machine offer and really should be something that all marketing and sales teams focus on more. So before getting into what to do, let’s look at what sales optimisation is, and why it’s important for marketing and CRM managers, too.

Sales Optimisation to Build Revenues

It’s not just about maximising revenues. With sales optimisation we’re concerned with the processes used to grow sales and profitability (not the same, of course). About understanding which channels deliver, which marketing activity delivers and how you handle leads and nurture them through the pipeline towards making sales.

This is different for all businesses, there’s no one-size-fits all solution. We look at Zoho One and indeed Zoho CRM as toolboxes, rather than solutions. They need to be configured for your circumstances, your team and your business model.

The Impact on Marketing

Most marketing managers acknowledge the importance of digital nowadays. It’s become the norm for marketing activity for many businesses. We live in an ever-changing and competitive  world, and it’s no longer advisable for businesses to lack a defined digital strategy or to separate it from the marketing plan. Marketing is now digital.

Yet, a recent study found that 80% of UK businesses are constrained in their digital transformation. We help our clients to break away from this constraint.

As sales optimisation looks at how sales occur, marketing must acknowledge it’s a part of that process, too. Marketing needs to be involved not just with the broad, branding of the business. It also has a major role to promote digital transformation, customer engagement, and consequently, revenues.

Once you identify something that works well and brings new business, you may improve it even more by tweaking your campaigns to see if you can raise your conversion rates.

How to Optimise Sales Processes

optimize_salesThe technology behind sales optimisation is there to assist firms in improving their sales effectiveness and close rates. Customer, inventory, and sales data are collected and analysed by sales optimisation technologies. This data, often known as customer or sales intelligence, provides salespeople with insights on prospect and customer purchasing behaviour that would otherwise be difficult to access.

It’s important to collect data, but it’s what you do with it, how it impacts your business processes that provide the greatest value. Your Zoho technology can help you identify, monitor, manage, and better understand your leads. It all depends on your chosen solution, its configuration and the capabilities utilised.

Sales optimisation is not a CRM-only thing. It should, in fact, be integrated with your CRM, website and other sales and marketing tools. So, it should be compatible with all of your current tools and procedures. And contribute to their improvement. It should be able to track all calls, forms, and other communication, correlating this information to your leads.

If correctly configured, sales optimisation empowers sales teams. It gives them leverage in lead discussions, through knowing where each lead originated and what they are looking for. Also, it  helps to prioritise and automate a lot of those sales tasks that will help you achieve your business goals.

How Zoho and ICS Support Sales Optimisation

With sales optimisation, team members receive total access into their sales process, encouraging greater efficiency and effectiveness. Zoho sales intelligence tools enable you to:

  • manage your sales teams better,
  • focus marketing spend on greatest ROI,
  • align your marketing and sales teams better with more accountability, and
  • understand attribution by channel by sharing insights via reports, alerts and dashboards.

That’s why we created the Be a Better Sales Machine Programme, it’s about helping our clients to achieve sales optimisation. Quite often they have all the tools they need but require a little help to configure and optimise. That’s why we’re Zoho Experts. Let us take your CRM (and other Zoho apps) to a new level of bespoke optimisation.

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