Sales Automation for Revenue Growth

Sales automation can move your revenue generation up a gear. It’s one of the most popular services we provide to ambitious SMEs. It’s a great way to release resource in your business. ICS can help you to remove the repetitive aspects of sales administration and boost new customer acquisition. We’ll help you to use your Zoho CRM system more effectively.

Zoho CRM is the best tool to organise, track, and nurture sales leads. When it’s set up to be managed automatically, with minimal human intervention and errors, it brings significant benefits.

In this blog post, we’ll consider the types of problem that you can solve with sales automation and how Inner Core Solutions can help you through this. But first, let’s look at what sales automation is all about.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation uses software to automate the more monotonous sales work. The stuff that sales teams tend to try and avoid, such as the processes underpinning lead management, nurturing and conversion. We don’t just look at this from the perspective of efficiency. We can also provide a more personalised, timely and effective experience for your customers, to further drive revenues and the bottom line.

It allows you to nurture leads with personalised, useful content that helps convert prospects to paying, loyal customers.

If you can afford their day rates, McKinsey can help you set it up, too. Their explanation of sales automation is thorough as well!

Do I Really Need It?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you almost certainly do. Have you ever:

  • Spent time manually adding leads to your CRM?
  • Lost a sale because you forgot to follow up quickly?
  • Spent days with a prospect finding a good time to meet?
  • Sent the wrong sales information to a lead?

With sales automation, these problems not only disappear, but it’s straightforward to set up. We can help you grow through workflows, lead nurturing (and scoring) and automated follow-ups. Your sales pipeline will be enhanced and directly measurable at every stage. This helps to prioritise resources so you and your sales team can focus more on closing sales …. and getting paid!


The Inner Core Solution

We’re Zoho experts, our powerful customisations increase revenues through intelligent sales automation. We’ll help you to improve lead conversion and the follow up processes we implement will shorten time-consuming tasks – improving profitability along the way.

We know no software alone can resolve a process issue, so we’ll learn what the specific needs of your business are. We’ll turn that knowledge into a workable, unique customisation of Zoho that delivers maximum value from the start. Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are the solutions we devise for our clients. Everything’s customised to your requirements.

Contact us now for more information about sales automation and to set up a detailed discussion of your needs.



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