favourite 5 zoho crm tips

Our Favourite Five Zoho CRM Tips

So, here’s our favourite 5 Zoho CRM tips.

One of the best features of the Zoho system is that there are many little Zoho CRM tips that often get lost or go unnoticed. But today, we’re here to drag those tips into the spotlight.

1. International Timing

Working internationally always comes with a level of credibility, however, what people often forget about are the differences in time zones and the late meetings that come with it.
Now everything is online, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is around the corner.
With this trick, the Zoho CRM can collect the time zone of your leads based on their address, and with this, it will integrate it into your client’s information and ensure that your sales calls and emails are in-line with their time zone. 

2. Create Events Automatically

No one’s workweek can escape the scheduled meeting, whether you’re closing a client or checking in with your team.
But this meeting hack allows you to set up automated and repeated meetings within Zoho CRM, with no need for manual creation or follow-up. With this simple code, you can tick another thing off your list.

3. Clutter-free Home Page = Clutter-free Life

A productive workday is often obtained easily by the ease and organisation of the employee.
This tip will allow you to embody that organised employee.

When you’re working within Zoho CRM all day, every day, it can be easy to let the homepage stack up. However, there are a few simple ways you can organise and create a cohesive space – here’s how.


4. Follow-up with Those Who Haven’t Replied

Sometimes, when you have multiple things occurring at once, it can be tough to observe who has replied to your emails, events, or notes and who hasn’t.

This Zoho hack changes that.


5. Keep Everyone in the Loop

Part of the stress of closing a deal is ensuring that everyone who needs to be in the loop, is. 

This trick

·  Keeps everyone up to date automatically.

·  Keeps everyone in the loop, depending on their role. 

For example, an evaluator may want to know if the deal has been won, but the executive may not need to know straight away. You can automate these responses depending on the role of the person receiving the email. 

Regardless of how you use Zoho CRM, make you use it in a way that works for you.

There, that’s our favourite 5 Zoho CRM tips that we suspect you didn’t know about. Do you have any you’d like to share? Let us know



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