The No-Task Follow-Up System

The no-task follow up system is something we’ve created at Inner Core Solutions to make your life easier. And your salespeople’s lives, too.

We all know that the timely following up of leads and prospects will help you to close more sales. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, why do we need a ‘process’  for what’s an everyday sales job?

We see lots of clients that use the task functionality in Zoho CRM to schedule their follow up calls emails to leads and prospects. If you don’t receive a huge number of leads, and maybe have short selling cycles, then that’s fine. The trouble is, once you’ve got a lot of these tasks on the go, and other tasks in your working day, it gets quite difficult to see the wood from the trees.

No-Task Follow-Ups Clarify Your Workload

Multiple, long task lists aren’t very helpful to sales managers either, trying to understand what their team are up to, how they’re prioritising, etc.

What we recommend is as follows:

  1. Create a new field called ‘Follow-Up Date’
  2. Create a view for your leads and prospects that need following up. Call it Leads to Follow Up or similar.
    • This will give you a central location at which to do one of the most essentials tasks in sales, effective follow-ups
    • Establish criteria for the view that includes the new field values of today or up to yesterday.

To ensure that the field is used properly and that the customers in need of follow up are visible, you can create a few steps in blueprint. If you don’t use Blueprint or aren’t sure, message us or give us a call and we can help you set this up.

It’s something we use at Inner Core Solutions and it works really well. The new view appears on custom dashboards and homepages in the CRM, too. No-task follow ups are a much better way to stay organised and keep on top of new business opportunities.



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