New From Zoho in 2021

We’re officially in 2021 – you know what that means? 2020 is over!

And following in second place to that exciting news, we’re ready to reveal what we’ve got new from Zoho One

Zoho Radar


Meet Zoho Radar, the app that takes Zoho Desk to the next level. 
We understand that customer service is about the little moments, and this app is built to help you create just that. 
In one easy space on your phone, you’ll have access to vital customer stats – such as happiness ratings, resolution times, and live traffic figures. 
You get all this, alongside exclusive data that will alert you to any anomalies you need to be aware of. Knowledge is power, and with Zoho Radar you’ll have access to all of it from your phone.


In a recent report from The Independent, it was discovered that the UK workforce waste nearly 13 days in ‘unproductive’ meetings. And the cost of the waste worsens if you’ve travelled to those meetings.
But that’s where RouteIQ comes in. 
We’re here to help you take back the valuable time spent wasted travelling from A to B.
With RouteIQ, you can plan any route based on where each meeting or drop-in are based, you can adjust your route for any additions or cancellations, watch out for any disruptions that may affect your travel, and all with one easy

Zoho Books

While Zoho Books isn’t exactly a new feature, Zoho do make sure all of their products release updates frequently, to ensure the smooth running of each program.     

Something that may be useful to many businesses is a recent update from 31st December 2020. And we know, you’re all tired of hearing about it – but regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll need to know about tax treatments post-Brexit. 
Essentially, we’re there to help you create transactions with simplified tax treatments between UK, overseas, and EU-VAT registered businesses. 
And if you’re looking to make the hard stuff easy, they’re also releasing an advanced autoscan option in 15 languages. 




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