How to Make More Sales in Your Team with Zoho

Make More Sales

Is your team struggling to make more sales and hit those targets? Or perhaps the general feel of the environment has taken a recent nosedive and you want to find a way to lift employees’ spirits? 

zoho-crm-gamescope-make-more-salesWell, we’ve got good news for you! 

Zoho have developed an inbuilt CRM feature called Gamescope with the sole purpose of making sales a more entertaining and invigorating task. Now you might be thinking to yourself, ‘how did they manage that?’

One word: competition. 

How it Works

Essentially, Gamescope is one giant game and the sales team can play in one of two ways. Firstly, they can compete with themselves: a sales manager can set them a target to reach, and if they reach that target then they win a badge. 

Alternatively, they can compete with the rest of the team: in a healthy competition, the team can carry out a set of activities, and various members of the game can win trophies – these trophies have points – and the players or group with the most points wins. 

The System

There’s also an internal system you can use that will help to track each player who is interested in joining in with the game – of course, it isn’t a mandatory game and players can still earn badges without being a part of the game. 

However, for those who do participate in the game, the system tracks how many emails they’ve sent, how many leads they’ve converted, how many tasks have been completed, and so on. 

And these tasks and descriptions can all be edited, so you can make personalise it to your team and working environment. 

Of course, this is a new way of approaching sales – and to be honest, we’re quite excited by it. But Gamescope requires open communication with your team to be effective; nobody should be made to feel like they have to participate, if they don’t want to. 

Saying that, in a time of physical distance, Gamescope may be just the thing to bring your team closer together, as well as helping you to bag those sales. 



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