Latest Updates from Zoho

As ever, the Zoho conveyor belt brings us more and more features, updates and improvements across their range of apps. Here’s our take on some of them, each with links to further explanations.

What’s New in Zoho Analytics?

  • A potentially very useful new feature for Analytics is a new data type, called duration. This was launched in October 2022. It gives you the ability to dig deeper into time-based analytics. So, you can see how long it took to achieve something; close a sale, complete a support ticket, make a call, etc etc. And, to enable advanced analytical options based on duration, Zoho Analytics provides 20+ new functions.
  • Since September, Advanced Analytics for Zoho Finance suites supports Zoho Commerce, too. This helps you manage your online store effectively and improve marketing. Also, you can analyse various dimensions of your business, like managing stores, processing orders, inventory tracking, managing shipments, and so on.

Routine Messages for AskZia

  • AskZia is a conversational chatbot, designed to provide on-demand responses to your queries. You can prompt Zia with different messages like “leads created today” or “list of opportunities that ‘closed won’ this year”, or even ask for guidance on a particular subject.

While these instant responses are handy, regularly typing queries to receive information you need often  can be repetitive. So, Zoho have added routine messages  to AskZia.

This routine message feature enables you to pre-configure messages and set the time or frequency so that these messages will be triggered automatically and fetch relevant responses. You just check those responses.


New for Zoho CRM

As you’d expect, there are lots of changes happening all of the time for Zoho CRM. See them in a nice, easy timeline on the Zoho site release notes.
  • If you use Xero accounting, you can now have bidirectional integration with Zoho CRM, although it is a paid-for service addition.
  • Released last month, you can now attach a video to a record, multi-select images and files and restrict access to certain images – all in the IOS app.
  • You can integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Zoho CRM, now, too. So, you can respond directly to customers reaching out through that channel, direct from your CRM.

We make sure that we keep abreast of the latest developments in Zoho, so we can share our knowledge and expertise with you. If you have any questions, please ask an expert, any time.



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