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Here’s a selection of some of the latest updates from Zoho for everybody’s favourite CRM.

Add Multiple Contacts to a Deal

A deal often involves multiple decision makers.

Previously you’d nominate the lead contact in your deal, or opportunity. And that was it.

Now we can capture additional contacts in the Secondary Contacts field in the Deals module.

Just click on the + icon next to the Contact Name field. Now the Secondary Contacts field will appear where you can add all of the additional contacts related to this deal.


Introducing Criteria Support in Contribution Module for Segmentation

Segmenting customers based on their purchase history helps you understand their behavior and purchase pattern. You can specify criteria for the contribution module and create segmentation based on the RFM metrics of the records that satisfy the criteria configured. This is helpful for diversified businesses, to segment a particular category of deals or other records from the contribution module.

It only applies to Enterprise versions of Zoho CRM and above.

segment with zoho

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