New Keyboard Shortcuts in Zoho CRM – Farewell Mouse Madness

Using keyboard shortcuts is like having a secret weapon for saving time. Instead of clicking around menus, these shortcuts let you zip through tasks with a few keystrokes. It’s like a fast lane for your work, helping you get things done quicker than ever before.

We know that keyboard shortcuts are a bit of a ‘Marmite’ issue, you’ll either love ‘em or hate ‘em. But if you’re a lover, then you’ll be delighted to see you can set your own keyboards in Zoho CRM now. And they’re a zero-cost way to boost productivity!

Ever notice your hand getting tired from all that clicking? Keyboard shortcuts are here to the rescue. They reduce the strain on your hand and wrist by cutting down on repetitive mouse movements. Your hands will thank you for the break, and you’ll feel more comfortable working for longer periods.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Seamless Workflow

Imagine a workflow without interruptions. Keyboard shortcuts make it happen. You won’t have to pause to find the right button or menu anymore. With a simple press of a key or two, you can keep your momentum going, staying focused and productive without constant interruptions.

And now this is all possible in Zoho CRM! Using keyboard shortcuts, you can multitask and switch between CRM tabs/modules easily. Zoho have created a set of shortcuts for some of the most common actions in the CRM, but you can customise these to suit individual preferences.

New Zoho CRM Keyboard Shortcuts

By default, keyboard shortcuts are disabled for all Zoho accounts; users must enable them manually, if they want to utilise them. It’s straightforward to set up, go to

Setup > General > Personal Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts 

and configure any of the shortcuts available. 

Once keyboard shortcuts are enabled, the available ones are displayed in different sections. They can be used as defined or modified accordingly.

Full details of how to set up and use the keyboard shortcuts are well-described by Zoho, so we won’t repeat them here. To access full instructions, follow the link at the foot of this article.

The gif image below illustrates the process.

To see the instructions for setting up and using keyboard shortcuts in Zoho CRM, visit:


For any further help with this or any other Zoho-related problems, please contact us any time, we’re Zoho Experts and happy to help!



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