Manish at Zoho Inspire 24, Valencia 11-12 April

Zoho Inspire 24, in Valencia, Spain is a major partner event for Zoho. Our founder and Zoho Expert, Manish Unadkat was delighted to be invited and took the opportunity to attend.

At the time of writing, the event is still on, so this is an early update of proceedings from day 1.

Firstly,  Zoho is a supportive partner. They’re continuing to improve partner support, so in turn we can offer the best support to our clients.

Secondly, Zoho is definitely customer centric. Manish learned about several future changes, that we can’t reveal yet, but they’re all clearly designed to improve Zoho customer experience and increase value for users. These changes, when they come later in the year, will have a real impact. We’ll get early access to them and will bring you news of each as soon as we do.

Finally, It’s not all about the business. Zoho is a socially responsible organisation. To illustrate, sustainability is hard-wired into all operations. Read more about it here. Just one example from that is their use of solar energy, both at their Chennai HQ and now at their US offices, too, where solar farms provide green energy.

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