Use the Zoho CRM Forecast Module to Manage and Monitor Sales Goals

Webinar Recording: 15th May 2024

This was the subject of a popular Zoho CRM MasterClass in May 2024, from our own in-house Zoho CRM Expert, Manish. If you’re unsure of whether to register for other webinars,  check this out. It’ll give you a good idea of a typical CRM MasterClass.

May’s subject was ‘Using the Forecast Module within Zoho CRM to understand your sales pipeline better and to manage and monitor sales goals’. It’s designed to be informative. This will help you to set realistic targets and to monitor your sales progress against those targets.

See the subjects for the next few Zoho CRM MasterClasses via the button below. They’re all FREE of charge and last about 30 minutes,  including Q&A. If you want to register for any of them, follow the prompts on the page.

Don’t worry if work gets in the way of Lunchtime Learning. If you can’t make it to the MasterClass, as long as you’re registered, you’ll get access to a video you can watch, at any time. The link is emailed to you an hour or so after the event.

For more information about the Zoho CRM Forecast Module, see our blog on the subject.



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