The Email Credibility Dashboard

Zoho have launched an Email Credibility dashboard. It’s really useful for CRM administrators wanting to monitor the email sending practices of their organisation. Also, it’ll help them to implement domain authentication and email sending measures.

The Email Credibility dashboard can track bounce rate data and spam complaints. In addition, it helps to make changes to your email sending setup, by adopting Zoho CRM’s recommendations.

It’s available to administrators in all Zoho CRM paid editions.

Set up the Email Credibility Dashboard

Just visit: Setup > Emails > Email Deliverability, in the Email Credibility tab to set it up.

Through this dashboard, Zoho CRM will create an Email Credibility Score for each organisation, based on their sending practices, and recommends score-enhancing actions that administrators should take. 

The email credibility score is a numerical value set on a scale of 1 to 100, where any score above 70 is considered a good score. 

For information, score ranges are:

Scores are generated through analysis of the number of spam complaints and bounce volumes acquired over time, by customer account.

Suggested actions may include adding an unsubscribe link within all email templates, authenticating email sending domains, and occasionally cleaning your mailing list. There are others, too.

Track Your Email Sending Practices

The Email Credibility dashboard can also help administrators understand the number of email bounces their account has received, filtered by users and CRM features, like mass emails, workflow emails etc….

Time-based analysis, using dedicated charts, is available as well.

All of this supports your Zoho CRM team to identify accounts with poor email sending practices. Then to and provision the email infrastructure and IPs accordingly, so that the emails sent by accounts with good email practices are delivered on priority. This way, good practice accounts aren’t disadvantaged by the poor practices of a few accounts who share the same infrastructure.

Important Considerations:

  1. Zoho CRM calculates email credibility only for the following:
    • Emails sent using the built-in email functionality of Zoho CRM;
    • Emails triggered by automation;
    • Bulk emails sent using the mass emails feature;
    • If email insights are enabled, the emails sent via a configured mailbox using IMAP or POP3 will contain Zoho CRM’s email tracking link. Consequently, these emails will be taken into account when calculating the score;
    • Emails that are sent using the relay servers when Email insights are enabled.
  2. Emails that are sent from inboxes configured with IMAP or POP3 will not be considered when calculating the email credibility of an account if Email Insights are turned off. This is because these emails are sent through the servers of the configured email provider and do not utilize Zoho CRM’s email infrastructure.
  3. Zoho CRM calculates an account’s email credibility score based on a collection of internal parameters that include the total active users present in the account, and the number of emails sent by these active users.


If you are sending bulk emails from the CRM, consider using Zoho Campaigns – it integrates fully with the CRM and is designed for that purpose.

Also, check out our other email blog posts, especially in relation to Domain Authentication and the benefits of email integration.


To view the help documentation for this Email Credibility Dashboard feature, please refer to this link at Zoho.



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