How to Use ChatGPT in Zoho Writer

Ever since ChatGPT made large language model, generative AI accessible, the chaps at Zoho have been inundated with requests to integrate it with Zoho. Well, they’ve delivered. Now, we’re happy to announce the ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer.

With this integration, no matter what you write—a blog post, product description, social media post, or an email—you can ensure that your content is compelling, accurate, organised, and neatly formatted.

Zoho have pre-installed it as an extension in Writer to make it easier to use. This post is to explain how to get going with it.

ChatGPT Extension

You need to be aware that the connection between Zoho Writer and ChatGPT is through an API. This API is a paid-for extension. But don’t worry, it’s charged on a per-use basis and the costs are low.

For example, we used it to produce a blog, ‘The Value of AI in Blog Post Writing‘, as an example. That post is c.300 words long and cost just one US cent.

Find out more about charges here.

How to Get Going

In short, from the left menu in Zoho Writer, select Extensions, then ChatGPT. You need to add a key for the API to work, follow the ‘Learn More’ link to set up your account and create a key. It’s easy and quick.

Then you’re ready to go. See this short, silent video for further guidance.

Worth Noting ...

You’ll have noticed that the layouts will require formatting, into your house-style. 

Also, note that the requested link DID NOT EXIST. For the actual blog post I had to find an alternative, real one. ChatGPT seems to do this….. not sure why or how.

There’s lots more information available from Zoho on how to set this up.

Now Available in Zoho Desk

The good news is that they’re not stopping there. Zoho have introduced ChatGPT to Desk , too.  If you’re a Zoho Desk user, ChatGPT can bring an up-to-date AI solution to help you:

  •  Respond to messages faster.
  • Detect the tone of incoming tickets

  • Fetch contextual information from the Knowledge Base

…and other service-enhancing innovations. 

Find out more from Zoho.



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