Let’s Be Positive About 2022

Thanks for bearing with all of us at Inner Core Solutions. We’ve tried to keep you up to date on a regular basis. Thanks for opening, reading, clicking, replying to our emails, ads,  newsletters and posts. And answering our calls. Of course, 2021 was tough, for all of us. But I don’t want to dwell […]

5 Key Reasons to use a CRM Consultant and Zoho Expert


Zoho is a vast system filled with many prospects and opportunities that often go undetected owing to a user’s lack of experience. Nothing is worse than paying for a product to not use it to its full capacity.  But that’s when an authorised partner,  CRM consultant and Zoho expert can step in.  If you’re still unconvinced that […]



What is Zohification?
Are you as Zoho-mad as we are? In today’s blog post, we’re explaining the concept of zohification and the things we promise to our clients.

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