The Email Credibility Dashboard

Zoho now have an Email Credibility dashboard. It’s for CRM administrators wanting to monitor their email sending practices

Email Integration: The Benefits of Integrating Your Email Account with Your Zoho CRM

integrate email with zoho crm

Email integration is an essential part of any business that wants to streamline its operations and improve customer service. By integrating your email account with your Zoho CRM system, you can centralise all customer information and email correspondence inside Zoho CRM. This means that you can associate customers’ email conversation with CRM data (leads, contacts […]

The No-Task Follow-Up System


The no-task follow up system is something we’ve created at Inner Core Solutions to make your life easier. And your salespeople’s lives, too. We all know that the timely following up of leads and prospects will help you to close more sales. That’s obvious, isn’t it? So, why do we need a ‘process’  for what’s […]

Lead Nurturing Automation


Lead nurturing is a great way to improve your conversion rates and to focus your efforts and time on those leads with the greatest potential. Last month, we looked at the benefits of automating sales and marketing processes. Lead nurturing was introduced briefly in the latter, ‘Marketing Automation Transforms Businesses’. Several readers asked about how […]

Sales Automation for Revenue Growth


Sales Automation Moves Revenues Up a Gear by Freeing Up Resources. It Helps You to Focus on the Best Leads. Use ICS and Zoho to Sharpen Your Sales Approach.

What Do We Mean by Sales Optimisation?


Sales optimisation is something we talk about a lot, at Inner Core Solutions. It’s an important facet of our Sales Machine offer and really should be something that all marketing and sales teams focus on more. So before getting into what to do, let’s look at what sales optimisation is, and why it’s important for […]

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