Heads-Up! New CRM Feature Coming Soon: Cadences

Ask cyclists what cadence is, and they will tell you it’s the frequency of pedal turns. Ask musicians and they’ll give you a meaning closer to the dictionary definition:

  1. A modulation or inflection of the voice;
    • a rhythmical effect in written text,
    • a fall in pitch of the voice at the end of a phrase or sentence,
  1. A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.


So how does this relate to Zoho CRM?

Early Access News from Inner Core Solutions: Cadences

Cadences is a new Zoho CRM feature that will be phased in to all users. For now, as trusted partners and Zoho experts, we have early access to it!

In short, Cadences are new ways to improve personalised customer journeys and communications with your organisation. They automate in a variety of ways to improve your follow-ups to leads, purchases, onboarding, updates, etc.

The Art of the Perfect Follow-up Sequence, with Cadences

To build and retain customer relationships, communication follow-ups are necessary across a variety of situations. These include lead nurturing, collecting customer feedback, delivering products or services, and much more.

Achieving this persistent level of engagement demands that your follow-up interactions include relevant and tailored content, distributed at optimal time intervals. It could be a highly complex task. If possible, you should also base every subsequent follow-up on how customers respond to previous follow-ups. Even more complex!

To attain the optimal cadence for your customers and circumstances, and perfecting follow-ups without hassle, you’ll need Cadences: a robust tool that can help you devise and manage efficient follow-up processes.

Zoho CRM’s new Cadences includes the following key features:

  • Automate sequences of actions triggered by customer responses, to ensure every follow-up is relevant and tailored to each individual customer’s journey.
  • Automatically remove records that have reached their desired outcomes so you can focus more easily on the right records.
  • Use multiple follow-up methods across multiple communication channels, including emails, phone calls, and tasks.
  • Use robust analytics to track campaign performance and analyse customer behaviour so you can measure the effectiveness of your engagements and plan future strategies.


Update audience lists both statically and dynamically to cater to various customer segments.

To find out more, from Zoho, check out this article:


We’ll bring you more news, once we’ve had a chance to fully evaluate this new, early access product release.

If you’ve got any questions, or are interested in finding out more, contact the Zoho Experts right away.



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