Award-Winning, Recommended CRM

Yes, the  award-winning, recommended CRM in question is, of course Zoho. Our favourite CRM continues to get recognition from influential publications.

Award-winning, Recommended CRM by ZDNet

ZDNet publish a CRM Watchlist every year. In fact, 2022’s was their 19th. Out of 59 submissions this year, and some very detailed evaluation criteria, the highest overall score went to Zoho CRM.

Consequently, they were placed in the top category of ‘winners with distinction’.

Of most interest in the article that announced this success, was the amount of space devoted to their evaluation methodology. They explained how they painstakingly went through some 4,189 pages of information and what criteria were used. It was a very thorough analysis. Also, very pleasing that Zoho rose to the top of the pile.

PC Mag Unveils its Best CRM Software for 2022

And you guessed it. What the UK PC Mag called the ‘venerable Zoho CRM’ came out as top pick for businesses. Again, award-winning, recommended CRM.

As well as an interesting, generic article in praise of CRM systems in general, they also spelled out their evaluation criteria. They focussed on 17 market-leading applications, though.

Zoho CRM was one of only 3 applications to be recognised as  ‘services that earned our Editors’ Choice distinction for balanced feature sets and thoughtful integration features.’

Make the Most of your Market-Leading CRM

So, to get the most value form your award-winning, recommended CRM, Zoho, contact Inner Core Solutions. There’s little point in having all that recognised power and a long list of features, if you just use it as a glorified spreadsheet.

Go on, contact us. explain what you’d like to achieve and let ICS explain how we can make it happen for you.



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