Let’s Be Positive About 2022

Thanks for bearing with all of us at Inner Core Solutions. We’ve tried to keep you up to date on a regular basis. Thanks for opening, reading, clicking, replying to our emails, ads,  newsletters and posts. And answering our calls.

Of course, 2021 was tough, for all of us. But I don’t want to dwell on the bad things. Let’s try and take some positives out of it and move on through 2022 with some degree of optimism. So here are some real positives I’ve experienced in 2021 to reflect upon.

  • We’ve survived! Not just the health of all team members, of course, but the business is thriving.
  • We’re proud to have helped our clients to survive then thrive, too. Our contribution has been to help them enable systems to automate business processes and remote working.
  • We’ve been able to focus our expertise on what our clients tell us they want most. That’s fine-tuning their sales and marketing functions to deliver more leads and convert more of them to turnover.
  • As well as new clients, we welcomed new team members, too. We’re still happy working remotely but look forward to some face-to-face meetings in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully you’ll be with me.

Let's Look Forward to 2022

So, let’s look forward to 2022. We’re focussing on listening more to what businesses want and adapting our service and support to meet those needs. We’re expecting businesses to want to improve sales and marketing efficiency, so they can deliver more, for less and faster, too. We’ll make sure we’re there for you when you need us.

What About You?

I’m really interested to see your list of achievements. And what you’re looking for from 2022. It doesn’t have to be about Zoho, CRM or automation. Anything.

Reply to me with your list, or if you can, publish it as a post and send me the link, so that I can comment on it and promote it online and in social media.

We all hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of a break at the year-end, with lots of relaxation and fun.

As we leap into 2022, let’s hope for better things!



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